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50% Off Understanding Don DeLillo

The University of South Carolina Press is selling books at 50% off the cover price. If you haven’t picked up Understanding Don DeLillo, the 1st edition is running low on stock and this is a great price for a copy. The sale runs through Dec. 1st, 2020. To order, click here: https://uscpress.com/Understanding-Don-Delillo

Amateurs and Experts

I’ve come to be regarded as an “expert” in some “fields.” One of those is the study of modern American Literatures. In recent years, I’ve written a lot about Don DeLillo, a writer who I have read and enjoyed for decades. I’ve written a book about his career, I’ve served as advisory editor to publications, […]

Writers in the Crowd: Thoughts on writing Reference works 

“Some books,” Poe’s narrator notes, “refuse to be read.” These are the famous closing lines of “The Man of the Crowd,” an enigmatic story about a man who follows a stranger through the city night. In the end we learn nothing yet everything about the stranger and his world. A similar heuristic helps us to […]

A Sweet Fishing Life

A Fishing Blog

Rough fish in the river

Appreciating all the river has to offer