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Hessian Firm Interview w/Henry Veggian

Nick Mkhl of the website Hessian Firm requested this interview for his podcast, and it was conducted on March 15, 2021. It runs for two hours, and while the premise was to discuss the music of my old band Revenant (1986-1995), the interview lasted nearly 2 hours and we also discussed pulp fiction (Lovecraft), literary […]

No Echo Interview w/ Henry Veggian

Carlos Ramirez at the music site No Echo asked if I would answer some questions. I said yes because it’s been a long time, around 10 years since I answered questions about the old band. My answers range from childhood memories to musical history, fact and fiction, New Jersey, the state of higher ed, and […]

Lovecraft lo xenofobo e i ripugnanti metallari immigrati

Lovecraft lo xenofobo e i ripugnanti metallari immigrati. A writer from Palermo offers a compelling reading of matters of race and audience in the legacy of American cult author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The article makes clever use of a quote I gave to an interviewer several years ago. English translation to follow?

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