No Echo Interview w/ Henry Veggian

Carlos Ramirez at the music site No Echo asked if I would answer some questions. I said yes because it’s been a long time, around 10 years since I answered questions about the old band. My answers range from childhood memories to musical history, fact and fiction, New Jersey, the state of higher ed, and innumerable anecdotes, commentaries and quotes. Some readers may find themselves wandering around as characters in some of these tales.

Special thanks Carlos for writing such great questions and for giving the interview a beautiful presentation on his site.


  1. John Pratscher · · Reply

    Fantastic interview with Hank as always! My take away is always the same: Hank and I and everyone else who was in that band are essentially old men now. I guarantee you however, somewhere in a dank garage or basement, there’s a group of kids pushing the envelope to the extreme of whatever music you’re interested in. As nice as it feels to be recognized as being somewhat/somehow significant in the progression of something or other in a certain genre of music, guess what?! Too fucking late! That time has come and gone and wither you weren’t born in time, (not your fault obviously) or you were too busy listening to Men at Work or whatever IMHO your time would be better spent trying to find that group of young kids really pushing it and laying their souls bare. I guarantee you they’re out there somewhere.
    J. Pratscher

  2. Great interview Henry. It’s good to see how far you have pushed your personal envelope: no matter if it was music or literature. Revenant is STILL to these days one of my fave bands and you guys deserved so much better. You guys had alot of talent for shure.
    I hope that once you can upload the first reh. tape from Revenant (the one where there’s only 1 copy in existence).
    Even outside music you are an influence to me and could only hope that I could be so intelligent as you.

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